• Be on time.
  • Proper dance footwear is required for all classes, socks and barefoot are okay.
  • Students must sign in before class at the front desk.
  • Cubbie lockers are provided for your belongings.
  • No gum or food on the dance floor. Beverages must have caps/lids.


Video recording by students permitted only at the end of class with instructor permission.


The studio reserves the right to cancel the student’s enrollment for the following reasons:

  1. Non-payment or excessive late payment fees despite attempted contact and invoice reminders.
  2. Not observing the rules and policies of the studio.
  3. Physical and/or verbal abuse of staff or other students.

**If a student wishes to withdraw from any Package, PoleArity Studio should be notified in writing, 4 weeks in advance in order to properly cancel monthly billing.


Chewing Gum, food and snacks should not be consumed on the dance floor. There is a lounge area for this purpose. Only beverages which have a sealing lid or cap may be brought onto the dance floor. As a safety precaution , cold bottles can only be placed on counter surfaces to prevent creating condensation on the floor. Please discard all used items in the trash can.


Guests are welcome to attend classes if they are interested in participating in that class.
Please do not bring children in to the studio while you are taking classes. No pets.


Appropriate dance shoes (non-skid/non-scratch) are required for all dance classes. Barefoot and socks are also fine. Please no talc/powder on the dancefloor.


Although we are a collaborative and mutually supportive community, we respectfully request that all personal business cards, fliers or other promotional material be pre-approved by management before distribution at the studio and only left on display in the designated Instructor Showcase at the main lounge.


Smoking and the use of e-cigs and other similar devices are not permitted in the studio or building. Illegal substances are prohibited at any time. Alcohol consumption is prohibited prior to and during classes.