PoleArity Studio offers various options for the studio rental.
Please contact us via email, PoleArityStudio@gmail.com or Facebook message.

Private Studio Rental

For Private Practice

$65/One hour and 15mins

Are you visiting Oahu and need a place to practice your choreography or need your own space to practice?

  1. Price for up to 1 person
  2. Include one PoleArity Studio staff on duty

For Private Lesson

$85/One hour and 15mins

PoleArity Studio has an incredible team of instructors who would be happy to offer 1-on-1 training for any level of pole dance, pole tricks, or pole choreography.

  1. Price for up to 1 person

Private Group Party/Class

We can accommodate parties of all sizes!
Party Ideas:
Bachelorette Parties
Birthday Parties (recommend ages 18+)
Bridal Showers

Two hour Private Class – $375

We have a group of fun-loving instructors who can tailor a party to your special occasion – pole dance, burlesque, chair dance etc!

  1. Prices for up to 12 people
  2. Additional guests are welcome at $30 per person
  3. With a PoleArity instructor

Four hour Private Party – $575

Are you looking for a place to party? PoleArity Studio has a great space available for you and your friends!

  1. Price is up to 30 people
  2. Additional guests are welcome at $30 per person
  3. Include a half an hour for set up and breakdown
  4. Include one PoleArity Studio staff on duty (non-instructor)
  5. Two bars available for BYOB and food service
  6. Decorations welcome

Add ons for 4 hour private party

DJ 4 hours$400
Aerial performance artist$250 each
Live musician$250
Event planner/coordinator$400
Video screen and projector$250
Security personnel for 4 hours $150 each

Studio Rental for Instructors

Instructors who have existing dance companies are welcome to hold closed group rehearsals at PoleArity Studio based on studio time available. By stipulation, these instructors must be able to teach an open class for PoleArity Studio in their Genre.

Please e-mail PoleArityStudio@gmail.com for more detail.